October 13th to 17th Generation Facts of the Day


Photo courtesy of Tyler Fuqua

In honor of George Ranch’s “Generations of Kindness”, The Wrangler is bringing facts of the day in order to remember what has occurred in past generations. Join us as we travel back in time through the generations.


Monday, October 13 (Silent Generation): On this day in 1921, in the 18th World Series, the New York Giants beat New York Yankees, 5 games to 3.


Tuesday, October 14: (Baby Boomers) On this day in 1957, Queen Elizabeth II becomes the first Canadian monarch to open the Parliament of Canada with the Speech from the Throne.


Wednesday, October 15 (Generation X): On this day in 1969, Johnny Cash and Tammy Wynette win the third Country Music Association Award.


Thursday,October 16 (Generation Y): On this day in 1987, Dow Jones falls to 108.35, more than 100 points for the first time.


Friday, October 17 (Digital Natives): On this day in 2005, The Colbert Report aired for the first time.


For more information or more generation facts of the day, check out www.historyorb.com