5 Movies You Should Watch This Halloween

If you’re thinking about hitting the couch this Halloween with nothing to watch, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Get your movie snacks and teddy bears ready, you’re in for a treat.

Shaun of the Dead /// This is probably the only zombie movie you really need to know about. The movie focuses on Shaun (Simon Pegg), an electronics shop employee with a fed-up girlfriend and no real ambition in life. With only the loyalty of his lazy unemployed best friend Ed (Nick Frost), his estranged relationship with his stepfather (Bill Nighy), and a dead-end job, Shaun isn’t exactly burdened with a glorious purpose. However, when the undead start to multiply around modern day London, Shaun must try to rescue his mother and father – sorry, stepfather, win back his girlfriend’s love, and attempt to find shelter among the zombie-ridden streets. Director Edgar Wright (who also directed Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and The World’s End) successfully combines the feeling of horror with plenty of comic relief, from being totally oblivious to the beginning of the invasion, to the best reaction to a zombie attack (ever).


The Silence of the Lambs /// This is for all you mystery/thriller/suspense lovers out there. Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster), a FBI trainee, must seek the advice of an imprisoned Hannibal Lector (Anthony Hopkins), a former psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer, to catch and arrest the notorious “Buffalo Bill,” a serial killer who preys on women who are about a size 14. The film is filled with hair-raising close calls, disturbing murders, and chill inducing interactions between Starling and Lector. The Silence of the Lambs will leave you double checking if the door is locked, turning every light on in your house, and keeping your phone with 911 punched in, you know, just in case.


The Evil Dead (1981) /// This is that low budget film that is so classically cheesy, you just have to watch it. Keep in mind that it is not at all on the same level of scary as last year’s remake. Basically you have 5 friends that go to a cabin in the woods for spring break (because that’s always a great idea), and things start getting pretty weird. One by one, each friend goes back and forth between possessions and (the remainder of) the group must decide their fate, that is, if they have a say. The movie features some demented foliage, mad creepy makeup, and that one character that just won’t die. Heat up a bag of popcorn and grab your Twizzlers, this one’s a doozy.


American Psycho /// Handsome businessmen, nice suits, and a serious case of the Mondays. American Psycho is, and you may have guessed it, a psychological thriller/dark comedy that focuses on Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), a wealthy investment banker whose life revolves around keeping up appearances and material things, as well as his string of serial murders around Manhattan. In the meantime, Detective Donald Kimball (Willem Dafoe) is investigating one of these serial murders and lights a fire under Bateman, which in turn causes him to kill more people out of stress and insanity.


Fright Night (2011) /// You’ve all heard the story: the forces of evil lives next door, threatens teenager’s loved ones, he needs to do something about it, yada yada yada. Here’s your stereotypical Halloween movie, folks. Anyhoo, Charley Brewster (the gorgeous Anton Yelchin – heart eyes, anyone?) is your typical teen rebel who suspects his new neighbor, Jerry Dandrige (Colin Ferrall), of malicious activity. Like, evil vampy activities. Of course, he tries to warn everybody, his mom, his friends, but who would believe a person named Jerry could hurt a fly, let alone exist as a vampire. So Charley goes through hell to defeat the big bad and makes a couple of new acquaintances along the way (the witty David Tennant as the idiotic magician Peter Vincent and the lovely Imogen Poots as Amy Peterson).