The 1975


This up and coming garage-door band from Manchester, England is certainly making a name for themselves by redefining so quickly what it means to “bring something new to the table”. These alternative, indie rock pioneers include Matthew Healy, lead vocals and guitar; Adam Hann, vocals and guitar; Ross MacDonald, bass; and George Daniel, drums.

The group, brought together by the minds of Healy, Hann, and Macdonald in the back of their pale white high school classrooms in 2002, thrived on the scenes of indie rock and underground gigs at local pubs. After receiving successful feedback and a semi-serious pursuit of groupies, the three high school dreamers invited Daniel to join their show.

Upon christening the four-man band and making a name for themselves at local gigs, they were faced with a severe identity issue. Struggling to identify with a name for the band, they switched between Talkhouse, The Slowdown, and Bigsleep. Then, the group finally decided on The 1975; a date they found scribbled on the back of an old Beat Poetry book at a garage sale, long since forgotten.

Debuting their first EP, Facedown, in 2012, their first single “The City” was signal-boosted by starved and hungry indie rock fans suffering from years of a desolate music genre. Their music was an immediate hit, and the four lads found themselves listening to their own songs being played alongside some of the biggest hits on the UK’s popular BBC Radio 1 station.

They soon embarked on a UK Ireland tour, released yet another EP, had monumental success with their single “Sex”, and were granted the chance to support the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park on July 13th, 2013.

Finally, the band responded to the pleading of their die-hard fans, and released their self- titled debut album on August 26th, 2013. Topping the UK charts at no. 1, the band had reached a pivotal point in their glory game.

The 1975 place a focus not only on their indie rock/ alternative rock music interpretation, but also on the absolute love for the music they create. Their influential ability to transform and create an almost entirely new genre of music, speaks volume to the countless number of late night band practices in a broken down garage in Manchester.

This group, with a name and sound that speaks to the music-hungry of any genre, will win support and stay.

Their music, long lived and sung with an eternal passion, will never die.