Hollywood Day


George Ranch’s annual Hollywood Day happened on the football game day Thursday, October 16. Several students dressed up as celebrities they closely resemble, such as Elizabeth Davis (12) dressed as Emma Stone’s character from Easy A. There are also many red-headed girls that dressed as Lana Del Rey. Cara Morton (12) broke out her Mean Girls play wig to pull of the Lana look, and she did a fantastic job.

There are also multiple white girls dressing as mainstream music rappers. Madi Lester(12), for example, was Riff Raff. She went all out and even braided her hair to look like dreads. Callie Wigham(12) attempted to be 2 Chains, and Chandler Applebe(12) dressed as Eminem.

Walking down the halls you could also find a few students dressed as Internet famous stars, such as Miranda Sings. There were a few girls dressed as members of the Kardashian family. There was even a group of students that were dressed as the Scooby-Doo gang.

One student that stuck out to everyone was Darion Rivers(12) who did an outstanding job of portraying Madea. He bought a fuzzy, blue floral dress and a white wig and even gave himself boobs to become Madea!

“I love being stared at so much walking down the halls.” Rivers said.

Hollywood day always seems to be a huge success every year at The Ranch. Almost all of the students and staff get very involved.