Apple Introduces iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3


Martin Hajek (Creative Commons)

On October 16th, Apple’s CEO, Timothy Cook, revealed the new generation of iPads.

The new iPad 2 has faster processing, a better camera, and is thinner than any iPad ever. The new iPad also has a finger scanner that makes shopping easier than ever before. The new device is actually skinnier than a pencil. In fact, Timothy Cook made a video of a laser shaving a pencil to match the iPad’s thinness to prove his point.

The iPad will be available for purchase on October 24th. Experts predict the new iPads will generate moderate sales, but nowhere near the sales it’s younger years. The iPad Air 2 will go on sale for $500, and the iPad Mini 3 will go on sale for $400. Apple has also added a gold/champagne color option to the new tablets.