October 27th to October 31st Generation Facts of the Day


Photo courtesy of Tyler Fuqua

In honor of George Ranch’s “Generations of Kindness”, The Wrangler is bringing facts of the day in order to remember what has occurred in past generations. Join us as we travel back in time through the generations.


Monday, October 27 (Silent Generation): On thid day in 1920, The headquarters of the League of Nations is officially moved to Geneva, Switzerland.


Tuesday, October 28 (Baby Boomers): On this day in 1954, Ernest Hemingway is awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.


Wednesday, October 29 (Generation X): On this day in 1960, famous boxer Muhammad Ali defeated Tunney Hunsaker in firstprofessional fight.


Thursday, October 30 (Generation Y): On this day in 1988, the New York Jets win against the Pittsburgh Steelers for the first time inhistory.


Friday, October 31 (Digital Natives): On this day in 2011, the world population officially reaches seven billion people according to the United Nations.


For more information or more generation facts of the day, check out www.historyorb.com.