Dwight Out

A warm, muggy night, the clock on the scoreboard still shows ninety minutes until game time and the George Ranch students are already starting to fill in the soon to be overflowed student section at Traylor Stadium.  The players at this time are just beginning their true stretching routines and will soon start run-throughs and blocking drills. There is a certain buzz in the crowd, it is the game of the week, if not the year, in this area; George Ranch vs. Foster.

As more students fill in, news spreads that there is going to be a special guest appearance, however the secret is only known by a select few. The players, unaware of the special guest appearance continue to go through their special pre game routines as they set their eyes on the upcoming matchup. With just over forty-five minutes before kickoff, the student section is well over half capacity and the usual Ranch Rowdies chants and heckling ways are beginning to grow in strength and numbers.

Game time. A giant white cloud still hangs over the stands and field from the infamous White Out baby powder toss, making it near impossible for anyone in the stands to breathe or see. As the players shake hands at midfield, the stage is set and the stadium is buzzing with energy. The Falcons are greeted with a chorus of boos as they enter the field. As the Longhorns break through the banner and tunnel, the Rowdies become electrified as the game is finally here.

With two long touchdown passes on their first two drives, Foster had taken a fourteen point lead within the opening five minutes. The Longhorns responded with a touchdown themselves before the close of the first quarter. Player and fan morale stayed at a high, knowing the team had it in them to bounce back. With a few key turnovers the Longhorns had closed the gap on Foster.

Soon, a buzz began to sweep through the student section; Dwight Howard, along with Josh Powell, of the Houston Rockets had entered the stadium and were walking towards the students. Decked out in George Ranch gear, the two guests blended into the sea of white with the students. As  the players looked up into the stands, the familiar face of Dwight was cheering them on, leading chants with the Rowdies. With nineteen seconds remaining in the half, Darius Anderson breaks from all defenders and caps off a long drive to give the Longhorns a 21-14 lead at halftime. They would never look back.

With four total turnovers from the relentless defense, the Longhorns held Foster to only three more points. The fans, led by Dwight Howard and company, played a large in the win too, never letting up on their chants and heckles. With the routing of Foster, the Longhorns took control of the district and control of the town, asserting their dominance as THE school of the district.