Rain-out Renfest

AP Literature, AP Art, and AP European students at GRHS were told they would have a field trip to Texas Renaissance Festival,  November 5th, 2014. The students buzzed with excitement for weeks after paying the 15 dollar fee to attend and celebrate their hard work in AP classes. The anticipated day arrived and every students heart sank as down pouring rain soaked everyone’s dreams of a fun field trip.

With mud caking everyone’s shoes, all the students trudged through the water and grime to stand outside of closed stores and inactive events. With events closed, students stumbled around empty stages to take cover from the rain to no avail. Along with no shows open, the stores were all shut and closed due to mud getting tracked in, forcing attendees to seek shelter under  frail and small porches outside of local shops or restaurants.

Some students felt it was just bad luck and that it should be brushed off, and other feel they want a refund or another field trip. “I’m really passive…,” Julia Nguyen, a student who attended the field trip says, “I feel like I could brush it off, but it was a really bad experience.”

With all seating (it all being outdoors) soaked with rainwater, students were prevented from being able to sit and relax, or enjoy their food versus having a balancing act with their turkey legs and umbrellas.

Overall for most students it was a wet, cold, and muddy experience. Everyone left two hours early, cold and shivering as they climbed onto the buses thankful to go home.