30 Thoughts in a Marching Student’s Mind Before a Performance

Photo By Mikayla Santana
Created Using imgflip.com

Photo By Mikayla Santana Created Using imgflip.com

-Are my shoes tied?

-Does my instrument have enough valve oil?

-Is my reed chipped?

-Am I in tune?

-Can I hear all the people around me?

-Am I playing at the right time?

-Do I have the right rhythm?

-Am I marching in step?

-Are my toes high enough?

-Is my posture right?

-Am I keeping my knees straight?

-Do my feet match the music?

-Don’t forget the visual!

-Do I have the right music?

-Watch the drum majors!

-Am I listening back to drumline?

-Is my stick height matching other people?


-Am I going to run into anyone?

-What if the football team comes on field early?

-Are we going to get another flag for going overtime?

-Where’s colorguard? Am I safe?

-Is my shako straight?

-Keep focused!

-Where is my spot?

-What’s the first note?

-Is my instrument set up correctly?

-Is my mouth set to play?

-I’m ready; let’s go.