Ice Cream Project


In advertisement and sales this six weeks, Mrs. Speers has prepared a project for her students to do. The project is to make your own brand of ice cream. The project is a major grade for this six weeks, and the project is also linked to a minor grade.

Students will need to bring their own empty container of ice cream from home. Then, the students need to make their own bar code, brand name, nutrition label, and general shipping and handling instructions. The point of the project is to show the students how to develop their own product and the strategies they need to develop to make a successful item.

The minor grade linked to the project is for the students to develop an ad for their ice cream brand. This ad must include the price, where it can be purchased, a picture of the product, and the benefits of consuming the product. The minor grade also requires the student to assess the competition of the developed product to see which item will sell better.