November 17th to November 21st Generation Facts of the Day


Photo courtesy of Tyler Fuqua

In honor of George Ranch’s “Generations of Kindness”, The Wrangler is bringing facts of the day in order to remember what has occurred in past generations. Join us as we travel back in time through the generations.


Monday, November 17 (Silent Generation): On this day in 1936, the main span of the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was joined.


Tuesday, November 18 (Baby Boomers): On this day in 1956, Morocco gained its independence from France.


Wednesday, November 19 (Generation X): On this day in 1965, Kellogs Pop Tart pastries were introduced.


Thursday, November 20 (Generation Y): On this day in 1984, the McDonald’s company officially made its 50 billionth hamburger.


Friday, November 21 (Digital Natives): On this day in 2004, in the 92nd CFL Grey Cup, the Toronto Argonauts beat the BC Lions with the score of 27-19.


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