Lizard Squad Attack on Xbox Live

December 1st, 2014, I was sitting in my room speaking to my friends on Xbox 360 live (Xbox live is a program via Xbox using internet to play games online and talk to friends also on), only to soon be signed out and unable to get back on. I checked my internet connection and frustrated tried all in my power to try to get Xbox live to work. I eventually gave up and went to my phone contacting friends I was talking to with Xbox, and they all said the same thing happened. Everyone was signed out of Xbox live and unable to use it at all.

Curious I went on to the web checking if Microsoft was running work on the servers and they had them intentionally shut down for a while, but Microsoft said everything should be running fine. Frustrated I googled to see how many people were having this problem, and immediately this thing “Lizard Squad” came up, they had tweeted a few minutes prior “Xbox Live #Offline”.

Lizard Squad has been claiming to have been taking down servers since August of 2014, including Xbox live, servers for Play Station Network, Destiny, and several EA servers.

They were quiet for a few weeks when Lizard Squads Twitter account was banned, but it seems they’re up to their old antics yet again. They commented that taking down Xbox live was a “Christmas present” to Microsoft, and that there’s more mischief to come.