The Theory of Lunch


Doritos, subs, cookies, and soda-an ideal lunch which just so happens to also be nothing like my lunch.

I look around at the lunch table and all I see are billions of leftover crumbs from chip bags, little circles of water from the alluring soda cans, and the tempting left over pieces of either cookies, brownies, or basically any other kind of chocolate. Besides being aggravated over how messy the table is, jealousy is the only thing on my mind.

From all these leftovers lying all over my table, I start to think about how much one can learn about a person just through their lunch, that’s Step 1.

For Step 2, I made up a hypothesis: If someone has a lunch full of junk food, then the kid obviously packs it, but if someone has a lunch full of healthy snacks, then the parents must’ve packed it.

Now Step 3, I analyzed my data.

I began thinking about the different types of parents in this world. There are some parents that spoil their kids with whatever food they’d like. But then, there are the other types of parents that think only of their own strict and healthy diet, forgetting that junk food is a necessity for a kid’s survival.

I have packed my own lunch every single day since junior high. For years, my lunch has brought people to ask me many questions, “Why is your lunch so healthy?”, “Are you a health freak?”, “Do your parents pack your lunch?”

All of these questions just build up my anger. No, I am not a health freak. No, my parents don’t pack my lunch. Do people really think that I choose to eat this healthy food?

When I pack my lunch, I must choose from an array of choices that only include apples, carrots, almonds, and, if my mom is really splurging while grocery shopping, a nice granola bar.

So I have now reached Step 4, the final step to the mystery of people’s lunches. My conclusion states that there’s one group of people who get to enjoy the thrill of eating delicious and unhealthy foods, whether they pack their own lunch or not. Then there’s the rest of us, who sit in agony watching their friends eat the food which they desire.

That is the Theory of Lunch.