Trivia Crack


“No Mom, I’m not on trippy crack! I’m on Trivia Crack!”

Trivia Crack has become an international sensation that pits friends and family against one another in an intense 25-round match of trivia. In this game there are 6 categories: science, entertainment, history, art, sports, and geography. They are selected at random by a spinning wheel and whatever the wheel lands on is the type of question you must answers to move on. If you get the question right, you get to keep spinning, but if you get the question wrong, your turn is over and then your opponent gets their chance to play.

Now, it’s not just answering questions for the heck of it. Each question you get right a meter fills up 1/3 of the way and if you get 2 more questions right you get the chance to collect a character or challenge your opponent for one of their characters. These characters are animated versions of the categories, so once you choose which character you would like, you must answer a question correctly in order to receive the character. And this process goes on for as many as 25 rounds until one person emerges the victor with all 6 characters.

This game is one of the most addicting games of the 2014 year and has its place as #1 free app on the App Store. I highly recommend this game because it not only is a PERFECT way to waste time, but also build your knowledge of useless information to impress your friends or family members. Literally. I told my friend that dolphins shed their skin every 2 hours and she thought I was a freaking genius.

Besides impressing your friends, there are many history questions that you can answer just with the random facts Mrs. Wilkening piles into our adolescent brains on a daily basis. And you remember back in third grade when you had to memorize the states and their capitals, that comes in handy when the geography category pops up and asks you what is the capital of South Dakota. (It’s Pierre, by the way.)

Trivia Crack is a really fun game, but I have one warning for you: You will get addicted, and it will consume your life. Now, I must end this article to answer this question. My mom will NOT beat me!