Influence of Sports

All sports around the world impact the population in many ways, some unseen to people on other continents or even other towns. The influence is across all spectrums of people’s lives. Some greater than others.
Soccer, the most popular sport in the world, has an effect that many Americans do not understand and probably have never seen. People live and die, literally, by the results and happenings of their favorite clubs.
Unlike in America, soccer is VERY important to the fans. In South American countries, there have been riots, bombings, shootings, and kidnappings all due to soccer match outcomes. There have been all-out, full stadium brawls between opposing fans during games in Europe and South America.
In 2012, $3.45 billion was legally wagered on sports betting (as Nevada is the only state in the US in which betting on sports is legal), and an estimated $380 billion is wagered illegally worldwide. People spend thousands of dollars on multitudes of games and come away winners in only a few; individuals go bankrupt on sports betting away their life savings.
Others get rich; the athletes themselves especially. Major League Baseball player Giancarlo Stanton just recently signed a contract worth approximately $325 million (over 13 years), enough money to purchase half of the team he plays for. These ludicrous contracts have become common these days and baseball is the front runner. In 2013, the average MLB salary was $3,386,212 and the minimum salary was $500,000. Meanwhile the average NFL salary is around $1.9 million.
Ask any 5 year old boy what they want to be and you’re likely to get one of three answers; a firefighter, a construction worker, or a (insert sport here) player. SportsĀ are what all dream of growing up to be, every little boy wants to be a football or baseball, or basketball player. Almost every high school athlete aspires to play at the next level and hopefully the one after that. Sports influence every person in the world, whether it be large or small, there will always be an impact.