Senior Swimmers Honored

Senior year is filled with so many memories, the last first day of school, Senior Serve, final opportunities in sports, senior skip day, college applications, and graduation.

A swimmer’s senior year includes: final first meet, last home meet, last district, regional and state swim meet. Another tradition that many swimmers dream of throughout their high school swim career is Senior Night.

Once every year, at the last home meet of the season, the senior swimmers at the four LCISD schools are honored. In the middle of the meet everyone stops and celebrates the hard work and dedication that the seniors have put forth on the team.

The underclassmen on the swim team take baby pictures and decorate posters for each of the seniors, these posters are then hung up at the Natatorium for everyone to see during the swim meet. The underclassmen also go to Burger King and ask for crowns which they decorate.

In the middle of the meet the races stop and all eyes are on the handful of seniors. Lamar, Terry, and Foster athletes are also honored in the same way at this grand event. The seniors, underclassmen, friends, and family all gather around the winners’ stand. When it is George Ranch’s time to recognize their seniors each senior’s name will be announced, a crown and sash will be placed on them and they will stand on the winners podium and have pictures taken with them and their family.

Then after every senior has been celebrated, the parents, coaches, and seniors all pile onto one of the diving boards and take pictures.

This may not seem like such a momentous occasion to most people, but for swimmers there are no words to describe how this moment feels. It is a night solely dedicated to these seniors, recognizing all that they have done for their school, community and team.

After waking up at 5:00 am every morning for four years, only to drive to an ice cold pool where they will face an excruciating workout with a swim coach screaming to go faster every 10 seconds, these athletes have earned this night and deserve so much more.

George Ranch High School swim seniors this year are:

Shelby Sparacino

Elizabeth Davis

Carly Thome

Elizabeth Holzhuter.

Blake Grote

Robby Valdez

Evan Murray

Chris Mueller

Andrew Greene

Jonathan Liang

Zach Moore