Howdie Jessica Conde!


The Wrangler sat down with Junior Jessica Conde and questioned her on her past work experiences.

The Wrangler: What was your first job?

Conde: My first job was at Little Caesars

The Wrangler: How would you describe your experience there?

Conde: It was life changing. I learned how to make pizzas, serve customers, fold boxes. I could fold 25 boxes in a minute give or take.

The Wrangler: How much money would someone have to pay you to work there again?

Conde: I would probably have to get paid 11 dollars an hour

The Wrangler: What night was the craziest night you ever worked? Describe what it was like.

Conde: Halloween, customers went crazy and there was a bunch of screaming and yelling between the manger and the customers. Overall it was just very stressful.

The Wrangler: Who was the worst customer you had to deal with?

Conde: It wasn’t one specific person, it was more the drunk dads that would come in at night like right before closing.

The Wrangler: On average how many nights a week did you have to work?

Conde: I worked about three nights a week because my parents didn’t want me to work more.

The Wrangler: Was it tiring juggling school and work?

Conde: No, I didn’t work that much and when I did work it wasn’t usually that busy.

The Wrangler: Did working for little Caesars help improve your communication skills with adults?

Conde: No, I was pretty good with adults before I started working there.

The Wrangler: What would you say your ideal job for the future would be?

Conde: I really want to be a psychiatrist in an emergency room scenario kind of like Grey’s Anatomy.