Helping Out on Halloween

                On Monday, October 31st, GRHS students were invited to celebrate the Halloween festivities by wearing a favorite costume to school, in exchange for bringing in one canned/packaged food item.

Around 100 food items were collected on Halloween, as many exciting costumes filled the GRHS hallways.  “Sometime during the week of November 7-11 the student council will be distributing the food items to a local food pantry,” said Mrs. Hlavac, student council administrative leader.

 As for the exciting costumes, there were many that caught the eyes of students in the halls. From Spiderman, to a banana, and from President Obama to the Mario Bros characters, students really got creative.

 Freshman Ashley Wilson, was a favorite amongst many students dressing up as “Flo” from the Progressive commercial. “I wanted to be something creative, so I was just sitting around trying to figure something out and then my aunt gave me the idea,” Wilson said when asked what inspired her costume creation. “A lot of people asked to take pictures with me, they laughed and I sort of felt awkward but it was fun”. Wilson became known throughout the school that day, “Everyone knew who I was, a lot of people call me “Flo” now”, Wilson laughs.

This Halloween, not only did GRHS students have fun, they also helped others and made a difference.