The Joys of Being on the Newspaper Staff

By Sarah DeNeefe, Staff Writer

As course selection night nears, it’s once again time to begin thinking about the courses you want to take next year. I’m writing this article to tell you how great it would be if you joined the newspaper staff.

The newspaper staff headed by one of the best teachers at George Ranch: Mrs. Kroeker. I’m not just writing this because she’s giving me my grades, it’s actually true. She truly cares about the academic and social success of her students and is willing to work with them to achieve their goals.

But, what if you’re not a good writer? That’s ok! We’re always in need of people to help with photography, finding ads, and layouts for the magazine.

But I don’t have time to work on anything after school. Newspaper is a class period, and, assuming you make good use of your time, you should be able to finish all of your work in class.

Newspaper is great, because you get to write about your passions, get involved with school, and become more informed about global issues while forming your own opinions about them.

The newspaper staff is truly a family. We spend so much time together, not just working, but expressing our opinions, sharing ideas, and learning more about others’ perspectives.

If any of the things I wrote in this article apply to or interest you, make sure to sign up for the newspaper course next year!