Benefits of Hugging


By Faith Tabak, Staff Writer

A warm embrace, a loving grasp, a friendly cuddle, a hug can impact a person more than one would expect.

National Hugging Day falls on January 21st every year. Kevin Zaborney is credited for creating this day full of warm embrace for America to come out of its shell and open up to the concept of love and care.

In 1986, National Hugging Day was included in Chase’s Calendar of Events officially making this a public holiday. Zaborney chose January 21st because it falls between New Year’s and Valentine’s Day, and he believes people’s spirits tend to be more down within this time frame. During the week of this loving holiday “The Most Huggable People of the Year” are announced. Anyone who respects and embraces the importance of a hug can be acknowledged for it.

Much research has been conducted, and in results, it states that hugging has many physical and emotional benefits to one’s health. Through this sincere touch, researchers have stated that hugging can build a good immune system, decrease risks of any heart disease, and even reduce people’s stress levels. It’s said that people with less contact with others tend to have higher blood pressure and higher heart rates.

Because of Zaborney’s enthusiasm about hugging, people have started to recognize and enjoy this symbol of care and love. He wanted to encourage people to frequently hug their friends, family, and loved ones. His main goal was to get people to celebrate National Hugging Day on a daily basis.

Why is it that people have such a hard time accepting this show of love?

Some people are disgusted by even the idea of someone touching them, but are they aware of what it actually could do for them both physically and emotionally?

A hug is meant to show people that they are cared for. So continue to spread love around the world just by a simple warm embrace to highlight someone’s day, whether it has been bad or good.