Howdie Emma Bolduc!


Averi Cervantez

Before rehearsals, Emma Bolduc stops to chat with the Wrangler staff.

By Rachel Buchanan, Staff Writer

Emma Bolduc is a freshman . She is very intelligent and involved in the theatre and choir department.

The Wrangler: So Emma, what do you think of high school so far?

Bolduc: High school is a lot different than junior high. It’s a lot different than what I expected. it’s just much more realistic because you see in the movies that it’s all fun and games and stuff like that, but it’s actually kind of challenging.

The Wrangler: What do you think are the biggest differences between junior high and high school?

Bolduc: In junior high they kind of baby you, you have a lot more independence in high school which is a big difference, and just the whole atmosphere of high school is a lot more mature and just really different.

The Wrangler: Is high school what you expected it to be like?

Bolduc: Not at all, high school is really is hard work. With the classes I signed up for, I really challenged myself, which is not what I expected.

The Wrangler: How did you get involved in high school?

Bolduc: I just signed up for a lot of things. I’m a pretty ambitious person so I just sign up for a bunch of things and I just do them.

The Wrangler: Do you think it is important to get involved?

Bolduc: Yeah I feel that if you don’t get involved in your high school experience then it won’t be as fun to look back on. I feel like when I’m older I’m gonna look back and have a bunch of memories of my experiences and extracurriculars.

The Wrangler: I know that you are in Varsity Theatre so what is that like?

Bolduc: Theatre is really awesome, I feel like I’ve made a lot of friends so far and it’s just a really great experience.

The Wrangler: Besides theatre, what else are you involved in?

Bolduc: I’m in choir and that’s super fun too.

The Wrangler: What are the differences between theatre and choir?

Bolduc: I mean they are both pretty similar in the bonding experiences, but the competitions and the way you actually use your abilities is a lot different.

The Wrangler: Even though you’re only a freshman, do you have any idea where you might go to college or what you will do in the future?

Bolduc: Yes I actually do that all the time. I’ve looked at different colleges and stuff, and every decision that I make is depending on my future.

The Wrangler: Do you think, as a freshman, that it’s important to think about the future, or is it more important to simply live in the moment?

Bolduc: I think that it’s really important to plan for your future, but also not to become enthralled with the idea of the future and to also live in the moment, so just a little bit of both is good.