Johnny Manziel needs help


By Marc Ramirez, Staff Writer

Life has been spiraling out of the control for the former Heisman winner lately. Former Cleveland Browns and Texas A&M college Superstar, Johnny Manziel, has been making news headlines for all the wrong reasons.  Car crashes, domestic violence allegations, trashing a rental property and causing over $35,000 of damage are just some of the things on Manziel’s track record.

Nothing disgusts me more than to see wasted talent, and unfortunately that seems to be the case for the 23 year old Quarterback. Coming out of Tivy High School, in Kerrville, Texas,  Manziel was a 3 star recruit who had accepted an offer to play football at Texas A&M University.

In his first season at A&M, Manziel burst onto the national stage after a huge win over the heavily favored Alabama Crimson Tide. Shortly after Manziel was seen as the front runner for the 2012 Heisman Trophy (awarded to the best college football player in the country). At the end of his freshman season, Manziel single handily scored 47 total touchdown en route to being the first freshman to win the Heisman trophy.

After completing his sophomore season, Manziel decided to forgo his junior season at Texas A&M, and enter the NFL draft. Manziel was drafted twenty second overall to the Cleveland Browns, thus starting his NFL Career and also starting his decline.

Shortly after Manziel was drafted, news reports from several media outlets began to flood in the internet with numerous pictures of Manziel partying, drinking, and possibly doing drugs in a night club bathroom. Though the Browns were aware of Manziel’s reckless behavior the team ignored it in hopes of Manziel hopefully someday making the a playoff contender. Manziel finished off his rookie campaign with sub par stats and looked to improve in the coming off-season.

Following Manziel’s rookie campaign, the then 22 year old Quarterback checked into rehab for roughly 3 months to bury his old college partying habits and to get his mind focused on football. Ironically rehab actually made Manziel’s off the field behavior worse. Since his release from rehab Manziel has only accomplished one thing, making a mockery out of himself and the entire Cleveland Browns organization for holding onto him for as long as they did. All of Manziel’s brash and reckless behavior led to the player’s release on March 11. Since his release Manziel has been involved in a hit and run and domestic violence altercation!

There is no other way to say it, Johnny Manziel needs help. He needs to forget about trying to fix his football career and needs to be focused on trying to fix his life. If Johnny Manziel doesn’t get help soon he will either find himself behind bars or even worse, dead.