Does Ava Max Deserve The Hype?

Ava Max is a pop artist who definitely has made an impact, but does she really deserve all the hype?


David Bennehag from Gothenburg, Sweden, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Ava Max sings and dances for her fans at the Rix FM Festival in Gothenburg.

By Marek Galinski, Staff Writer

Ava Max is a singer who originally started her career under the name Amanda Kay. She then changed her stage name to Ava Max and later on became a very successful pop artist. She has released multiple radio hits and has over 34 million listeners on Spotify, but does she deserve this popularity, or even more?

Does she deserve the hype and/or does she deserve more?

Ava Max has released one studio album, titled Heaven Or Hell, that has 16 songs that last about 47 minutes all together. The album itself peaked at 27 on the billboard 200 and lasted on the chart for 34 weeks. Even though the album only reached 27, multiple songs off the album did very well, including Kings & Queens and Sweet But PsychoThese songs were very popular and reached the top 10 of the billboard hot 100, and were also frequently played on radio stations.

Even though a lot of these seem like really big accomplishments, which they are, it still doesn’t make her one of the “mainstream” artists. That further leads to the question of whether she deserve the hype and/or does she deserve more? Ava Max definitely deserves more fans and more attention than she gets. Her music, while falling into the traditional category of pop, is actually really entertaining and tells a very good story, if you want to listen to one of her songs that displays story telling listen to her song Freaking Me Out. You can really connect with her music because she relates to a lot of problems in our society such as how her song Kings & Queens shows women play a vital role in society, and don’t get enough praise. This makes her a completely outstanding artist who deserves to reach the mainstream levels of popularity.

Overall, Ava Max is a very successful artist who deserves all of her success, she deserves to have more attention and eyes on her. She makes incredible music, and one day she should get the mainstream attention she deserves.