Thank you Lin-Manuel Miranda


Lin-Manuel Miranda has not only starred in such amazing musicals, but is also the genius behind the music.

By Rachel Buchanan, Staff Writer

When it was first announced that changes were being made to the U.S. currency, the first historical figure that was thought to be replaced was the first U.S. Secretary of Treasury, Alexander Hamilton.

No big deal right? No one really knows or pays attention to Alexander Hamilton right?


Ever since the opening of the Broadway musical, Hamilton, appeared back in 2015, everyone has been talking nonstop about the first treasury secretary and the hit rap songs that help tell his story. The musical follows his life through his arrival to the thirteen colonies, to his role in the American Revolution, to his home and personal life, all the way to his famous death by duel.

While no one ever came out and said that the reason for the change is because of the success of the Broadway hit, it can be inferred that people are starting to appreciate Alexander Hamilton a lot more than they used to.

So now, in the light of Hamilton, and probably the pleas of thousands of Hamilton fans, Harriet Tubman will now be featured on the twenty dollar bill with Andrew Jackson. The United States will finally get the feminist and civil rights representation on our currency that it needed and Hamilton will get to continue its legacy as the ten dollar founding father without a father.

Alexander Hamilton might be too dead to be thankful for staying on the ten dollar bill, but if he were to thank anyone he would need to be thanking the great Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Lin-Manuel is the genius who helped create and star in the Musical, Hamilton. He has also written and starred in other shows like his Tony winning show In The Heights. To be blunt, this man single handedly brought Hamilton back into the lives of many Americans, while also showing diversity in his casting. He made what I forgot about in U.S. history, into a catchy rap album that I know by heart.

As the show states, it’s all about who lives, who dies, and who tells your story and Lin-Manuel Miranda has told Alexander Hamilton’s story in the greatest way possible.