Overview of the Galaxy s7

By Caleb Fojtik, Staff Writer

From curved glass and metal frames, the Galaxy s7 brings elegance and power to the table for this year’s Samsung flagship. With the shiny finish due to the glass body, there is a rich feel when light hits the surface and sends out beams of beauty. With my own use of the s7, I always find myself turning the phone in the sunlight or florescent ceiling lights and it never upsets me. The cold metal frame that encases the phone adds power to the user’s hand; and, the border between glass and metal is so flush it is virtually impossible to feel a separation.

Hearing that the entire phone is glass may scare the user but, it should be noted that the glass is the fourth generation of Corning Gorilla Glass and will withstand scratches and the average drop. That glass also creates the 5.1” AMOLED display that adds vivid, dreamy colors to the users eyes due to the fact that it pushes out a whopping (1440 x 2560) it has claimed the award for the best smartphone display.

Continuing with the design, the camera bump barely adds anything and doesn’t disrupt the phone sitting on a table. The buttons are clicky and satisfying to press and are also in a very convenient position. And to add to all of that, the front and back glass panels curve so that the phone fits in your hand perfectly. Antenna lines are only on the metal frame at the top and bottom and are very small. Overall this phone wins when it comes to design.

A second thing anyone will notice about the s7 is the display. This is because the s7 has an always on display that informs the time, date, battery, and notifications and can also be changed to include an image or calendar or any other useful tool. The average person hears that as a battery drainer and yes it will bring your battery down on average a tiny portion of 1% a hour. That is not a lot at all and the reason for this is the amazing Super AMOLED display which uses less power than the average LED display.

The Super AMOLED also produces brighter colors and rich blacks and a higher pixel count. Which when you add those together you end up with what the s7 ended up with, the ability to take home the best phone display. However, there is an option to turn the always display off, but why would you when it is a handy and beautiful feature.

The Super AMOLED also produces brighter colors and rich blacks and a higher pixel count.

— Caleb Fojtik

Moving onto the camera, the s7 packs a 12 Mega Pixel with a F-Stop of 1.7 which is great for low light pictures. This camera has the fastest auto focus you will ever experience. The s7 camera shoots at 4k and 9 MP image recording. It also has features such as virtual shot which allows the user to move around an object and have a controllable moving picture. Plus, the normal, panorama, hyper lapse and slow motion, pro mode, selective focus (which blurs the background). And even a special mode for food. Yes, food, the camera on the s7 has a mode to brighten food and make it even more delicious.

Also added the front camera is a 5MP with a F-Stop of 1.7 and it has about half the features of the back camera. There is also a heartbeat sensor that while you are on the front facing cam you can place your finger on and it will read sense the finger and take a picture, this sensor is under the flash next to the back camera.

You may ask what powers this beast. Well that would be the Snapdragon 820 (Exynos 8890 in other countries) and the Adreno 530 with 4GB of RAM. This with a 3000mAh battery that has Qualcomm fast charge 3.0 and wireless charging that will get you a full battery in less than an hour to an hour. My use includes Snapchat, Twitter, games, and music all day from 7 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon and I still have on average 25% battery.

Something that we all know about is the water resistance that the s7 has. It is IP68 water and dust resistant and it stands up to its name. Personally I bring my phone into the shower and clean it with a water fountain or water bottle. It is also a pretty good head turner when people see you pouring water onto the phone. And a plus to this feature is that the water on this phone enhances the glass and makes it look like royalty.

All in all, the Galaxy s7 is an amazing device that brings everything a person needs to the palm of there hands. With tools and neat features that add aesthetics such as NFC and Samsung Pay, swiping your hand over the screen to take a screenshot, multitasking that allows you to have two things on the screen at once, and lets not forget, a headphone jack with no adapters.