Why parents shouldn’t yell at their kids


Paul Cross

Yelling man

By Kaltynn McKenzie, Staff Writer

Many parents yell at their kids on at least a weekly basis. Mothers and fathers yell at their kids for all sorts of reasons. Whether it be because they’re in trouble or they forgot to do something, some parents scream at their children.

Some reasons why the conflict between parent and child may occur is because the child talks back, does something wrong, or does bad at school. Parents may think it is a way to get through to their child that they have done something wrong. I disagree with this however.

Studies have shown that when parents yell at a child it changes their behavior. It shows that kids that have been yelled at show signs of anger, aggression, low self-esteem, and a inclination to depression.  Shouting can have the same consequences as a physical punishment.

From personal experience, when my mother yells at me I often find myself thinking that I’d rather her just ground me instead of causing me to cry in front of her as she continues to yell. There are times after she’s shouted at me that I think to myself that I’m a bad person or a bad daughter because I caused her to shout at me.

Overall, yelling at a child can have negative effects. I profusely disagree with yelling at your child for any reason. There is always an alternative to yelling at them.