Tornado tears through nearby neighborhoods


Reid Pitts

Damage done by the EF-2 tornado that touched down in Bridlewood Estates.

By Kelly Davila, Staff Writer

On February 14th, 2017 six tornadoes touched down in the Houston Area. Significant damage was done in the Bridlewood Estates neighborhood in Richmond as well as in Stafford, the Madagorda County town of Van Vleck.  Bridlewood Estates had trees that feel on houses and some garages were blown and bent in. For some, the damage was so bad the insurance adjusters told a homeowner that it would take three to six months to repair, as stated on KHOU. Also, main Tara neighborhood households along Crabb River Road had their fences blown down. The old grain silo was considerably damaged; portions of the roof were torn off.

George Ranch High School was put under the “Shelter in Place” Drill as a precaution. No damage was done directly to the school and the students remained safe. However, two students got into a car accident minutes before the Tornado landed and were actually escorted by the Police to safety due to the Tornado, literally, being only two football fields away from their location. Many contractors have already started working to help people rebuild.

See photo gallery images from the storm.