Howdie Natalee Campos!

By Laisha Cruz, Staff Writer

Natalee Campos is a senior who is involved in club Beyond Legendary. She talks about her passion and connection with God.

The Wrangler: What is the club you’re involved in about?

Campos: It’s called Beyond Legendary. It’s a club to bring people closer to Christ and let them know they’re not alone in their struggles.

The Wrangler: What type of things do you do in this club?

Campos: Every month is different. We all take turns speaking on a subject; like who to surround yourself with, how to pursue God, or things that we’ve gone through until this point. Afterwards we ask for prayer requests and just pray for everyone and pray for the day.

The Wrangler: What days is this club?

Campos: Mondays and Fridays at 7:30 am.

The Wrangler: Who influenced you to be in Beyond Legendary?

Campos: My best friend influenced me to be in this club.

The Wrangler: What impact does your best friend have in your involvement with Christ?

Campos: She’s the one that first brought me to church and introduced me to Christ. She helps me throughout my journey, helps me understand the Bible and motivates me to keep pursuing God when it gets hard too.

The Wrangler: How does God help you deal with your struggles in life?

Campos: God helps me deal with my struggles because I can cling onto his word and his promise that he’ll always be there to help fight my battles with me. When things get hard I try not to stress so much because I know that God’s plan for my life is 100 times better than the plan I have.

The Wrangler:  How do you help others in need of God?

Campos: I help others in need of God by reaching out and trying to be a friend that is willing to listen to others and sending them encouraging Bible verses or telling them about my story if it helps; how God’s working in my life and that he’ll do the same for them if they keep trying. Just simply being a light in their world, letting them know they’re not alone.

The Wrangler:  What is the most important part of your faith?

Campos: The most important part of my faith I would have to say is having action on it. I can’t just say I have “faith” and still believe negative things and without faith I couldn’t step out of my comfort zone knowing that I could trust in someone greater than me. Faith without action means nothing.

The Wrangler: What challenges do you face as a Christian?

Campos: There’s many challenges I face as a Christian. They aren’t really different than others. But I would say the hardest thing I have trouble with is fighting the enemy because the enemy knows the potential I have and the purpose God gave my for my life and the enemy tries to destroy it. It gets hard to keep going sometimes. Lots of temptations come in the picture just like anybody elses life.

The Wrangler: If you could say something to encourage people to join your club what would you say?

Campos: To encourage people to come to the club I would say.. that they don’t have to be afraid to be different. We’re not here to judge, but to help as much as we can and help them get to know God more. There’s a lot of things we’ve all gone through that we may be able to help their circumstances and things that we’re going through right now that they may have questions on. We play games to get to know each other and everyone is welcoming and sometimes we have food. It’a good way to get involved, meet new people, and be surrounded by people who will help lift you up instead of tear you down.