Finding Balance

In this day and age, many teenagers find it hard to balance all their activities; finding balance is a key part to living a better life

Maria Gleason

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Maria Gleason

Where the balance hides

Many high school and college students have trouble finding a balance between their social life and their school life. If they don’t find a balance then that could lead to the student giving up completely on school to take care of their mental health or it could lead to the student always being stressed which can cause harm to their mental health. Both of these concepts can cause problems in the future either with someone’s grades or their health in the future.

Some students might also have jobs outside of school that can make it harder for a person to find balance in their life because they have even more things to worry about. So many teens and young adults are stressed and have anxiety nowadays, but it’s only because they haven’t figured out how to find a balance between everything that they are dealing with in their life at such a young age.

“I have to take anxiety medication now because I’m so stressed out about school,” Natalia O’Ryan said.

Being stressed out over school is never worth what it can do to you. If someone is having these kinds of problems they should tell someone before it gets out of hand.

“I was feeling really sick for a week straight and my parents didn’t know what was wrong with me so they finally took me to the doctor. He said that the reason I’m so sick is because of stress,” O’Ryan said.

There are some people that know how to manage a life outside of school and still make good grades.

“I have a job, a social life, and I make good grades, but that’s because I’ve learned to study when I have the chance, such as when work is slow or I go to my friends house and we study and help each other understand what’s going on in all of our classes,” Jordan Sebesta said.

A few people know what they can handle when it comes to school work.

“I make really good grades and that’s because I know that I can only handle academic classes, so I never get stressed out over the pressure to make good grades or hang out with friends,” Victoria Romero said.

Finding a balance between everything can be difficult for some people because they are pressured to take PAP and AP classes, make good grades, go to work, and hang out with friends. If someone can’t handle a job then maybe it’s not the right time to get one, particularly if they don’t need to have it, or if that job causes them too much stress. Maybe the person needs to try getting a new job or just cutting down on the hours they work. Finding harmony in your life makes all the difference and can cause you to either be happy with your life or stressed out all the time –  which one do you wanna live?