Tide Pods

The current danger to society… sadly.


By Caleb Fojtik, Staff Writer

Laundry detergent. You would think, “Hey, maybe I should put this laundry detergent in the laundry, and definitely not in my mouth where I would swallow the lethal detergents into my stomach and then go to the hospital and die.”

Well, at least you WOULD think that, however people are ingesting Tide Pods after a video on YouTube that was released by the channel “CollegeHumor” in late March  2017.

The video was about a guy staying at work late but before the last co-worker leaves, he gets warned, as a joke, to not eat the free samples of Tide Pods left on a desk in the office.

The rest of his night he finds himself “aroused” at the idea of tasting a Tide Pod. It is a real man versus man situation.

He went back and forth with himself about how it would be fine to try at least one but how it would probably put him in the hospital. However, at the end of the video, we find his mouth engorged with Tide Pods, excreting the blue and orange detergents.

Now you might be thinking that this is just some stupid funny video that raised awareness about keeping kids away from dangerous cleaning products. But this raised the question, “How does a pod actually taste?”

It took a while to gain popularity, but eventually, YouTube was filled with videos of people eating Tide Pods and calling it the “Tide Pod Challenge”. This Challenge sent some to hospitals and caused others to throw up and have some serious symptoms.

Currently, YouTube is putting either an age restriction on videos that involve any laundry pods or just simply deleting them from the platform. YouTube says that posting anything related to Tide Pods is against their policy and that it is encouraging dangerous activities.