Top 3 Things McDonald’s Employees Hate


By Jose De La Fuente, Staff Writer

Although the company has made billions, McDonald’s is widely known as the most disliked fast food chain in America. When compared to other fast food chains, McDonald’s just doesn’t match up to things like the customer service of Chick-Fil-A or the popularity and love for state exclusive food chains What-a-burger and In-N-Out. Being a McDonald’s employee for the past four months has shown me why the company has such a bad reputation. With that being said here are the top three things McDonald’s employees hate:

  • Lazy Employees

Without a doubt, every frequent McDonald’s customer has had some sort of confrontation with a lazy employee. At the McDonald’s I’m currently working at, lazy employees are a plague on the working environment. From wanting to do nothing to just standing around using their phones, these employees are literally enough to make me want to quit. What they do affects the entire work staff as someone has to pick up the slack for their laziness.

“I’d rather get yelled at by a customer, than deal with a lazy employee

— Caleb Fojtik

  • Impatient Customers

Although it might be hard to believe, McDonald’s employees hate impatient customers just as much as customers hate disrespectful employees. It actually boggles my mind that some customers are incapable of being understanding of situations that cause our service to be slowed. For example, it isn’t my fault that other lazy employees fail to come to work resulting in us being short-handed. However, impatience or anger from customers is understandable under certain circumstances. For instance, waiting in line for 15 minutes to not get the correct order is incredibly frustrating, as I myself am guilty of causing issues like these every now and then. All McDonald’s employees want is just a little cooperation, patience, and understanding.

  • Bad Management

Bad management is the single most thing I hate about working at McDonald’s. Although this may not be a big problem at other McDonald’s locations, I feel as though the management situation and my facility is downright terrible. When store managers are doing the least amount of work there is an obvious problem. It’s actually ridiculous that fully grown adults are doing things that the teens working at the restaurant don’t do, from just standing around on their phones to just not showing up to work at all. Considering managers are supposed to be role models at a restaurant, its incredibly frustrating and disappointing that the location I work at, regular employees have to pick up the slack.

All in all, the McDonald’s experience has not been good to me. Although they are some good days, most are incredibly unpleasant.