How it is to Work at McDonald’s

The Rise and Fall of my First Job.


Wikimedia Commons

By Caleb Fojtik, Staff Writer

I started working at McDonald’s in late March of 2017, meaning that as I am writing this, I am days away from working there for a year. Even with this experience I still encounter new experiences and challenges every day.

The first month or so of working at McDonald’s, things went smoothly. I had never had that much money of my own and gotten it so easily. I mean, all I really did was put food in a bag; sweep, mop, and maybe some dishes, and within two weeks, that was almost 400 dollars.

However, about 3 or 4 months in, I started being expected to do more and take more responsibility for the store. I was the worker who would never do a “no call no show” and actually care about the building and the people in it.

Throughout the time I have worked there, I have seen people come and go, lazy and hard working. But it’s the lazy workers that grow on you over time and break you down. I am honestly tired of having to do everything because no one does anything but the bare minimum. I admit, over the last year of working, the lazy people have gotten to me. I would rather have a customer mad at me than have to deal with a lazy worker.

McDonald’s is a great first job and a good way to get something on your resume. However, it does get old after a while and you will realize it’s time to move on. I would recommend McDonald’s to anyone who’s trying to climb the career ladder yet understands that McDonald’s is not a permanent choice of a job.