Why do People Crave Pain?

The physical feeling of pain or for the thrill and fear factor is often a motivator for people.


By Caleb Fojtik, Staff Writer

The idea for this article originates from a product that I ordered. The Worlds Hottest Chocolate Bar. Twelve pieces of chocolate that all add up to 0.14 oz of chocolate. The spiciest thing to ever lay on my tongue. Yet, everyone was intrigued by it. Even after seeing others eat it and even after reading the warning label. But why?

I’m no Psychology major, but I have always been awestruck by the idea. Therefore, I have always paid attention to peoples behaviors.

Now one thing to look at when wondering why people seemed to crave the chocolate, is rather it was for the physical feeling of pain or for the thrill and fear factor.

From what I have seen; when confronted with the chocolate, you see the person immediately start to think, hesitate, and take input from those around. So maybe, eating the chocolate is just a way to gain social acceptance. It may not seem this way to the person, but our minds do what they want, and the adolescence mind wants attention and acceptance. Peer pressure takes a huge role in this circumstance considering that before someone actually eats the chocolate, they gain those around them to be a part of the experience.

When eating the chocolate with others around, you gain memories and you gain pride.”

Think about it, would you eat the chocolate alone just in your room casually? Most would say no. And the reason is that there is no gain if you were to eat it alone.

That’s how people think in this world, and its not a bad thing. When eating the chocolate with others around, you gain memories and you gain pride. The point in today’s world is to gain.

You want to gain money and not lose it. You want to gain friends and not loose them. You want to gain everything you can and if an activity doesn’t involve gaining, it will not seem very attractive. This is how our society works. Which could also mean that people now don’t like to waste their time. This is no new information. Our world is fast paced compared to the past and this just compliments the idea of everyone wanting to gain, because if they’re not gaining, they’re losing, and no one has time to lose.

Now I know this article took a broad turn, but it shows that behind everything is a meaning and behind every meaning is a reason. So try and find that reason. Humans are just another animal and all animals have the same behavior within their species. And believe me, those behaviors are weird, fun to find, and good to know about.