Living with an Esthetician

It’s not so bad.

By Minou De Los Santos, Staff Writer

Having an Esthetician in the house can be a pain in the butt, but it has taught me many things. For those who don’t know, an Esthetician is someone who specializes in facials, skincare, hair removal, body treatments, and all things related to skin.

An Esthetician also works with make-up, which my mom loves, she gets to play with colors. The most exciting thing is that it allows her to express her creativity and to put any wild ideas into practice. She gets to see the results of her work immediately and show off her skills to the world. I know it brings satisfaction to her to see happy clients’ faces. In my opinion, it’s her chance to change beautiful colors into beautiful faces!

I feel that to choose a profession that you are interested in you also have to have a massive passion for it

— Kirsstien De Los Santos

My mom is constantly reminding me to wash my face and to moisturize. It can get a little annoying at times, for example, when I’m too tired to wash my face she will continue to pester me until I do it. But aside from the reminding and telling me what can go on my face, having a mom that’s an Esthetician has many perks.

One of the perks is getting facials and having many specialty skincare products that not many people can get. I have also learned what’s good for the skin, and what to avoid putting on it. For example, it’s not good to use products with alcohol because the alcohol dries out your skin. It’s also not good to use products with fragrances because they can irritate your skin, or you can get an allergic reaction.

I have also learned that your face always needs a deep clean once a month, which is a facial, and they are very relaxing. After having a facial done, your face will feel fresh and have a glowing complexion. Also, facials aren’t just for women, men can get facials as well or any other service an esthetician offers, after all, we all have skin. In addition to living with an esthetician, my mom is always using new products to see which ones are best for her clients, and she is constantly using me as her lab rat. It’s enjoyable to test many face products because I can find a product that I really like.  

“I feel that to choose a profession that you are interested in you also have to have a massive passion for it,” Kirsstien De Los Santos said.