Rockets Season Preview

It’s time for ROCKET BALL

By Travis Moore, Staff Writer

Last year the Rockets season ended in a tragic fashion. After forcing a game seven at home against the Golden State Warriors, the Rockets missed 27 consecutive threes. This was one of the most appalling choke-jobs in sports history. If they would’ve made at least 3 of the 27 shots, they would’ve tied. The Rockets were the only team in the league that could’ve taken down the Warriors, but after losing Chris Paul in game 5, they were unable to defeat goliath.

The only thing they can do now is look forward to the 2018-2019 season with anticipation. After his MVP campaign, James Harden seems determined to lead his team to a championship. Chris Paul is now 33 and nearing the end of his prime, but he definitely has a couple more years of all-star level play left in him. The duo of Harden and Paul is simply unguarded, and if newly signed free agent Carmelo Anthony is able to accept his role as third fiddle, this team is dangerous. Not to mention that Clint Capella seems to be ready to make the leap to an all-star caliber player, and in a league where the big man is becoming less common. Capella will give the rockets plenty of opportunities to score from the inside.

The duo of Harden and Paul is simply unguardable

— Travis Moore

Many people believe that the addition of Carmelo may be a detriment to the team, but I disagree. Carmelo is now 34, and this run with the Rockets might define his legacy. Carmelo has always been great, but he’s never been able to lead a team to a championship, and this is most likely his last opportunity to a part of a truly great team.

Of course there have been whispers of the rockets adding Jimmy Butler through trade, but honestly I don’t know that we need him. I think that this team has a lot of chemistry, and I wouldn’t want to add a player who has seemed upset in almost every situation he’s been in since entering the league. I’m very excited for the Rockets this year, and I think we can definitely contended for a title. Our starters are great, our bench is solid, and our coaching is amazing. I think that if we can get past the Warriors, there isn’t a team in the east that can ever touch us.