JV, Freshman Tennis Compete in District Tournament


Photo credits: J Eldaour from the February 28 tournament.

JV and freshmen competed in the District tennis tournament Tuesday, April 9.

Junior Grace Gallagher placed third in JV girls’ singles. Marisol Hernandez and Danya Garcia place second in JV girls’ doubles, while Nicole Stevenson and Taylor Ludwig placed fourth. In the JV boys’ singles, Chris Blanco placed first. Vincent Metoyer placed third and Odigie Igene placed fourth. Grant Holly and Scott McNally placed first in JV boys’ doubles, while Will Reddall and Mark Kilday placed second. Deshawn Franklin and Jeff Koop placed third, and Caleb Mittank and Fernando Prado placed fourth.

In JV mixed doubles, Julianne Bourgeois and Tony Nguyen placed first while Marianna Brandon and James Juat placed fourth.

Cole Jackson placed first in freshman boys’ singles, while Trevor Sellers claimed fourth.  In freshman boys’ doubles, Noah Joe and Jonathan Dennis took first place and Bryce McKinnon and Andrew Wong placed fourth.