Apocalyptic Anarchy; The Division 2

The sequel to ‘The Divison’ has been released and focuses on a struggle to rebuild society



The Division agents staring into the abyss of a ruined world

By Josh Manus, Staff Writer

The sequel to an incredible game, The Division, The Division 2 takes the same relative path of killing bad guys and rebuilding society.

In a world ravaged by The Green Flu, the remnant of a government agency, The Division, attempts to quell violence and stop the chaos that is the post-apocalyptic American landscape. The Division 2, however, starts off in the capital of the United States, Washington D.C.; it immediately shoves you right into the thick of the action with a revamped fighting system and graphic improvements.

With the remains of a city piled around you, the environment is taking back the land that man has conquered. It almost makes the player feel insignificant and small in a world that has a lot of big clashing personalities.

In The Division, a player would start out in a safe house where they were safe to roam the complex, but once they left it was all-out action. In contrast, The Division 2 has a new drop-in feature that immediately sends you straight into the action and leaves almost no time to prepare for the intense fighting.

The game story is very forgettable with more wanting to be desired. The extremely fast-paced combat that a player finds them self in contributes to the forgettable story with players focusing on trying to weather the hailstorm of gunfire. The story is mainly about shooting people and running around picking up supplies.  Ubisoft, the game developer, could have gone so much farther with this sequel. They could have put in a meaningful story with characters that you can get attached to. They could have left it with a cliffhanger where a new virus or an enemy appears seemingly out of nowhere. This would not only enrage the fan base as they have an overwhelming sense of “I want to see what happens next.”

As the single-player campaign is not the main point of the game, the story is pretty good and for the amount of map detail in each setting, I would take quality and immersion over a boring story any day. As well as the quality of the game, the quality of the NPC’s (non-playable character) has gotten much tougher to kill. On the other hand, your NPC allies have gotten tougher and smarter in their relentless attacks on the games many factions.

the same post-apocalyptic hellscape

Multiplayer is a mixed bag, it has some amazing moments and some great features. However, I think the best part of multiplayer is the random occurrence where at some point in a firefight your teammate, you, or an enemy go flying due to an explosion going off. This may be one of the more unrealistic aspects of the game but it is hilarious. As well as having a lackluster story and some hilarious but unrealistic explosions, it also has an unrealistic mechanic when it comes to killing your enemies. Often times it takes over thirty to forty bullets to kill one enemy, and by that time you’ve been riddled with bullets yourself by enemies further back.

I think this game accurately depicts a post-apocalyptic world that has been ravaged by disease and looting and is now inherited to the survivors. Ubisoft has taken a step back and actually given an amazing sequel to an awesome game. I would highly recommend this to anyone no matter their preferences on games because it has a bit of everything in it. This game is a great example of responding to gamer feedback. They saw the reviews of their first game and saw what was said about it and responded with a new and improved sequel.

Even with the shortcomings of some of the features the overall game is an enjoyable and fun experience.  You would need to get your own opinion on it, but I think it is a great game.