Ariana Grande Makes History

Ariana Grande shocks the music industry.

Ariana Grande Makes History

By Minou De Los Santos, Staff writer

Ariana Grande has recently become the first artist to have 3 top songs on the Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart since 1964.

Grande released a new album called ” thank you, next” on February 8th, 2019 and  she was at the top of the charts that same week.  Her top 3 song as of right now are ” 7 Rings” at #1, “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” at #2 and ” thank you, next” at #3.

No other artist has held top 3 hits on Billboard Top 100 since The Beatles, who held the charts for five weeks in 1964, while Grande’s songs are going on their fourth week.

Grande has had  many other songs at the top of the charts in the past, but never this many for this period of time. She has made history for the music industry.