TV Show Review: You’re Cut Off

      You’re Cut Off is a show about women who take advantage of their parents, spouses or brothers and sisters to get what they want—money. In this show, the women are tricked into believing that they are participating in a reality TV series called Who’s the Next IT Girl. Little do they know that their loved ones have CUT THEM OFF. This means no more over spending. Now, they will have to live on a strict budget.

      In season two of You’re Cut Off, the cast includes the following women:

      Laura Baron is the life coach for the nine women who are in “princess rehab,” which includes:

            Aimee, 27 – Houston, TX
Aimee goes by the motto: “Do not do for yourself what others can do for you.” She still lives with her mother, who buys everything for Aimee. Aimee’s mother doesn’t go on vacations because the money she would spend on herself must go to Aimee who says she needs a trip every few months. Her mom has bought her eight cars, and Aimee has wrecked each one of them.

            Hana, 28 – Hollywood, CA
Hana is a young lady who wants the VIP treatment, and it takes a whole staff to support her lifestyle. They sky’s the limit when she has her Black American Express credit card in hand. Hana also has a weakness for fast cars. She makes her brother get out of his car to fill up her gas tank because she doesn’t want to be seen pumping gas in her own car.

            Jenn, 28 – West Hollywood, CA
Jenn says she “hates ugly people,” even though she has regular Botox treatments to improve her appearance. Jenn leads an amazing life, at the expense of her parents. When she’s not flying to her family’s out-of-state vacation homes, Jenn spends much of her time at the pool getting a tan, or at the plastic surgeon’s office. She expects a weekly allowance to be deposited into her bank account on her watch.

            Jessica, 23 – Lauderdale-By-The Sea, FL
Jessica drives her customized Mercedes when she’s out shopping for $20,000 dresses for the next big celebrity-like bash. In her beach condo, she re-designed a bedroom into a walk-in closet because there wasn’t enough room for her clothes. Her mom believes, “she may have also bought every pair of shoes in the state of Florida.”

            Lauren, 25 Nashville, TN
Lauren, a former beauty queen, was crowned Miss Tennessee and competed in Miss United States. She took seven years to graduate college so that she wouldn’t have to enter the real world and get a job. While her parents pay for her whole lifestyle, Lauren dreams of someday being the President’s wife.

            Marcy, 26 – Buena Park
“What Marcy wants, Marcy gets!” Marcy is a child who takes advantage of her loved ones. She’s tried to go to work before, but it didn’t work out because she says she’s a “plus-size princess.” She spends her free time shopping, counting her Louis Vuittons, and yelling at her trainer whom she hates with all her heart.

            Nadia, 21 – Katy, TX
Nadia’s parents own a lot of day spas, so she gets beauty treatments for free. Nadia also has a baby daughter who she doesn’t take care of at all. Instead, she spends her free time partying at night. Her dad still works 60 hours a week at the business, while Nadia relaxes. He is ready for Nadia to learn responsibility, which is why he has cut her off.

            Shakyra, 25 – Brooklyn NY
Shakyra was so stuck up that she went home on the first night of the show. She just moved in with her boyfriend who showers her with love and tons and tons of money. She doesn’t want to believe her boyfriend has really “cut her off.” Shakyra’s nickname is “Vanity” because she is always in front of the mirror. She says, “If I’m not happy, I don’t want anyone else to be happy.”

      You’re Cut Off airs every Monday at 8 p.m. on VH1. Check your local listings, and don’t miss the next feisty episode of this show, where prissy princesses get tamed!