Howdie Ann Rabich!

Ann is a senior who is getting prepared for graduation.


By Minou De Los Santos, Staff writer

Wrangler:What college are you going to?

Rabich:  I decided to go to Stephen F. Austin.

Wrangler: What are you majoring in?

Rabich:  I am majoring in nursing.  

Wrangler: Why did you choose that major?

Rabich: I want to be able to help people, and I love anatomy and traveling. So after combining these things, I decided to become a travel nurse. 

Wrangler: Are you going to have a part time job while in college? 

Rabich: That is the plan. 

Wrangler: What do you plan on doing after college? 

Rabich: Becoming a Travel Nurse, hopefully in Hawaii. 

Wrangler: What is your most memorable/favorite memory throughout your high school career? 

Rabich: My most favorite memory during high school was going to New York with my choir. I came back from that trip with the strongest group of friends I have ever had! 

 Wrangler: What will you miss most after graduating?

Rabich:  Being able to see my friends everyday. 

Wrangler: Do you think high school has prepared you enough for college?

Rabich: It did prepare me pretty well, but I am sure that there will still be a lot of unexpected things to learn in college. 

Wrangler: Are you doing anything over the summer?

Rabich:  I will be working at a camp called Pine Cove for 6 weeks! 

Wrangler: How do you plan on celebrating your graduation? 

Rabich: I will be having a party for family and friends.