Howdie Jayden Busch!

Jayden Busch became a Longhorn his sophomore year and is finishing up his senior year strong and ready to show the world his best.

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Howdie Jayden Busch!

By Princess Sinkambe, Staff Writer

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The Wrangler: Where do you plan to go to college and what made you decide to go there?

Busch: I plan to transfer to the University of Houston, because of the ROTC program.

The Wrangler: How have you changed since freshman year?

Busch: I believe I have changed drastically.

The Wrangler: Out of all your years in high school, which one was your favorite and why?

Busch: My senior year because my life started to solidify, and I began to grow as a leader and with my friends.

The Wrangler: Looking back, what is one piece of advice you would give to incoming freshman?

Busch: Be kind towards others, caring can go a long way. Listen more than you talk.

The Wrangler: Where do you hope to be in the next 10 years?

Busch: I hope to become a pilot in the Air Force.

The Wrangler: Do you think you are prepared for college? Why or Why not?

Busch: Yes, because of the determination I have to succeed and the tips I’ve learned.

The Wrangler: Finish this sentence: I will always remember…

Busch: My friends who became my family.

The Wrangler: Who has taught you the most while you’ve been in high school and what did you learn from this person?

Busch: My Major (ROTC Instructor). He taught me how to become the leader that I am today by utilizing the traits I have.

The Wrangler: What will you miss the most after you graduate from high school?

Busch: I will miss all the people I’ve met.

The Wrangler: As you look to the future, what is one thing you are looking forward to after high school? Why?

Busch: College. It’s my first major step to accomplishing my goal.

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