Howdie Skylar Brandt!

Skylar is a sophomore who is in HOSA- future health professionals and plans to have a career in the medical field.


Skylar Brandt (10th), who wants to work in the medical field.

By Bukola Moyosore, Staff Writer

The Wrangler: What type of activities do you generally do in HOSA?

Brandt: Well the type of activities I do in HOSA is participate as a counselor in Mini-Med School for kids and work in medical terminology events.

The Wrangler: Does HOSA participate in any competitions? If so, Explain.

Brandt: HOSA has many competitions to choose from, for me I do a medical terminology test and if you happen to get a certain score then you get to move to state.

The Wrangler: What inspired you to be in HOSA?

Brandt: What inspired me to be in HOSA was learning that it was a fun way to learn medicine.

The Wrangler: What is your favorite thing about HOSA?

Brandt: My favorite thing about HOSA would have to be mini-med school because I love working with kids and help them do fun experiments.

The Wrangler: When did you join HOSA and what was the reason that you joined?

Brandt: I joined HOSA freshman year because my mom had received an email for my little brother to participate in an organization called mini-med school and I really wanted to be a part of that.

The Wrangler: What are some challenges that you experienced as you joined HOSA?

Brandt: Some challenges that I faced was that I wasn’t always able t attend the HOSA meetings but now they have meeting in the morning and afternoon and that made it easier for me to be there.

The Wrangler: What are your favorite hobbies?

Brandt: My favorite hobbies are going to Galveston with my family and batting cages.

The Wrangler: What advice would you give to newcomers that think about joining HOSA?

Brandt: Anyone thinking about joining HOSA should join asap because it is a great way to make friends and learn.

The Wrangler: Are you thinking about having a career in the medical field?

Brandt: Yes, I would like to work in the medical field just like my mother.

The Wrangler: What career/ job do you aspire to have as you grow up?

Brandt: I want to be a surgeon but I still don’t know what specialty I want to practice in.