What Sports Appeal to Different People?

What different aspects in a person’s life decide what sports they decide to pursue?


Josh Manus

Colby Duran gaining the upper hand and pinning his opponent.

By Josh Manus, Staff Writer

In our school, we have sports like soccer, football, track and field, tennis, and so much more. The big question is whether to choose one over the other, such as if you have a large build and heavy endurance, then you might be a good fit for football. Not everything is about size though, and one person knows this all too well.

From an early age, kids are exposed to different sports and different experiences. These experiences shape who they are and Harjoe was introduced to soccer at a young age and has taken a liking to it ever since. Jacob Harjoe is not a small person, but he still found a way to play his favorite sport, soccer.

“I have loved to play soccer since I was a little boy and it has been apart of me ever since,”  Jacob Harjoe said.

Size isn’t everything when it comes to sports.

Colby Duran is also not the largest person and he has chosen a sport that is more suited to people with large bodies and a tall height. “Size doesn’t really matter in wrestling, everyone is weighted in and put into their own weight class.”  Duran is five foot two and weighs one-hundred and twenty pounds, and he still finds a way to beat opponents taller than him and weigh more than him. Size isn’t everything and Duran shows that by winning tournaments with his technique and skill.

Others are drawn to a sport because of how it makes them feel when they are participating.

People often choose a sport to play based on other’s opinions. They choose sports that they necessarily don’t like, but they choose it anyway due to peer pressure. Anciso, on the other hand, chose cross country because he loves to run, and it doesn’t matter a person’s height or weight, as long as they love what they do.

“I just like the thrill of running and the wind in my face,” Forest Anciso said.