Through the Lens


By Dezmine Grant-Bell



Memories are things that we hold dear because they represent where we have been and where we are now. Whether it’s losing your first tooth, riding a bike for the first time, or attending your first day of school, we will never forget these moments. We will not forget because we have the memory as well as photos.  Pictures are a strong part of our everyday life; they speak volumes to who we truly are. Capturing memories is no easy task, but at Carlino’s Photography, the owner and lead photographer, Alison Carlino, sure makes it look that way.

The Pineville, Louisiana native came to Texas and made her mark celebrating ten excellent years of photography. “We started in Louisiana for a year, moved and reopened the business here in Texas nine years ago,” she says.

Carlino found a love for the art of photography at a young age. In an email interview she shared about that passion. “[The] first time [I] picked up a camera [I] was probably eight years old.” Her photography became a true craft at the birth of her first son. “The intense love of photography really began the more I photographed our newborn son. I realized quickly how bad the images were and did everything I could to learn more quickly,” she said.

Once a fourth grade public school teacher, she left the classroom to pursue her passionate work behind a camera. Drawing inspiration from Jerry Ghionis, a worldwide known wedding and fashion photographer, Carlino seems to put everything she’s got in her work. In fact, this past March Carlino was appointed the official photographer for the Houston Astros & Minute Maid Park.

Carlino has recently put out a thirty page advertisement detailing everything from new logos to new set up spaces for corporate events. “It was a bit overwhelming, but it’s where we need to be after ten years in business. It’s taking the next step.”

When taking pictures it is sometimes hard for clients to warm up to their photographer, but not with Carlino. Her calm eyes and loving smile have a way of melting all the shyness and nerves away. “My clients seem to be ‘warmed up’ near the beginning already because we’ve gone to a location or are doing activities that they already enjoy, so they are more relaxed when being photographed. . . The sessions are really more of a planning process these days. No more trees or parks…it’s unique locations with fun props that make it a reflection of where they are in their lives at that moment.”

Locations are not a big deal for Carlino. Whether you’re in the backyard, a park or the swimming pool, she will be there. “The oddest location and theme would be engagements shot in a tattoo parlor.”

She enjoys the shoot just as much as her clients do. “My favorite aspect of the shoot would have to be getting to know the real personalities of the people involved.  After those first few nervous images are over, they start letting their guard down and the real person appears!”

One shoot that she will never forget is one she photographed as donation for a family. “I was asked to shoot the funeral of a solider so that his one-year-old boy could see the people, the parade, the flag presentation and the gun salute that was done for his dad one day,” Carlino said.

Her work is truly inspirational and beautiful. Unlike other photographers, Carlino keeps up with her clientele. “When the session ends and the viewing is over and the prints and products have been delivered, I maintain relationships with our clientele base. Seniors become brides or grooms, wedding couples make babies, and I am in this for the entire life cycle. I can’t wait to watch our families grow up through the lens.”

Besides being an amazing photographer, Carlino also enjoys playing soccer with her two boys and teaching photography at an international level. “I taught in London this past January. I taught in Las Vegas in 2012 and each year, I teach a four night workshop in my own studio.” To see more of her works and to book a session you can visit her website