The Texas Elections

It’s finally election time for Texas! Texans have voted for the 10 propositions of the constitution and the results vary.


Voting this year in Texas was expected to be easier because of the major increase of voting stations.

By Emily Mireles, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, November 5, Texans throughout the state were voting for the 10 amendments and propositions for the constitution. The results vary throughout every major city.

The 10 amendments that were being considered by Texas voters were about flood preparation, tax exemptions, income tax and more. The proposals must win by a majority to even be put into action.

As a result of Tuesday’s elections, it appears that out of the 256 counties in Texas only 81 of them voted for proposition 1. Proposition 1 states that municipal judges could be allowed to serve in more than one office at the same time.

Since there are 10 propositions, there are a variety of effects that could go into place with a majority winning.

Williamson County and Travis County voted mostly for community innovations according to the results. For Williamson County proposition A passed with 62% voting and for it and 38% against it. As a result, this would enable for 400 million in bonds for roads and highways. For Williamson County proposition B passed with 59% voting and 41% against it. For the passing of the proposition, this would enable insurance of 35 million for parks and community projects.

For Travis County proposition A passed with 62% for it and 38% against it. This passing of proposition A would enable the county to tax for reconstruction and funds for new facilitates for the Travis County Exposition Center and other sports and activity centers.