Howdie Diya Verma!

Diya Verma is a sophomore talking about online school and her petition with over 1,000 signatures.


Diya Verma

Diya Verma after celebrating her 16th birthday.

By Sabrina Lara, Staff Writer

The Wrangler: How do you feel about online classes?

Verma: Online classes have been pretty stressful, and I think it’s because teachers have been giving huge workloads to students without considering how we are new to this and how some of us are better able to learn when we’re in school, but we can’t due to the huge risk.

The Wrangler: Are you taking any AP and/or any dual credit classes?

Verma: Yes, I am taking AP US History and AP Psychology, and I’ve been taking it along with taking all other pre-AP classes and an Art II class.

The Wrangler: Do you think taking AP classes provides an advantage or disadvantage with online school?

Verma: Taking AP classes online is a disadvantage. It’s hard to keep up with all the work each class is giving.

The Wrangler: Why did you feel the need to make a petition about the workload for GRHS?

Verma: I felt the need to create the petition because I saw many students struggling with the work overload and stressing. A lot of students also have many mental health problems and the amount of work being given which is just unacceptable, especially for doing something we’re new at.

The Wrangler: Why do you think it’s important for students to stand up to certain topics?

Verma: I think it’s important because if no one spoke up there wouldn’t have been any changes and students would have still been struggling. Speaking up is really important in life because you could actually be helping many others by doing it.

The Wrangler: Do you think your petition created a positive or negative impact, why?

Verma: I think the petition created a positive impact because after creating it many students actually said they appreciated it.

The Wrangler: Do you think the administrators took the petition seriously, why or why not?

Verma: I think they took it as a normal issue. I emailed the principal at first, but I got no response. So, then I emailed the associate principal. He was very kind about it and told me he would help fix the issue and thanked me for alerting him about it. Later he said that he would work with the staff members and the principal with the issue, but I’m not sure if it was actually ever talked about to the principal.

The Wrangler: Do you think the workload has or will change?

Verma: I think the petition did overall help many students and it did change the workload, but I think they should fix it a little more.

The Wrangler: How do you deal with all your stress?

Verma: I usually just listen to music or talk to my friends to feel less stressed.

The Wrangler:  Do you have any tips on handling the workload and getting passing grades?

Verma: I think time management and putting your phone away from you if you aren’t using it for school helps.