Senior Overalls


Photo by Anna Robertson

Senior Grace Gallagher fashions her overalls on a home game day.

By Jordan Bradley and Grace Gallagher

I looked at other high schools to see how far back senior overalls went. I found seems to be one for the most loved high school traditions from all high schools.

Senior girls create their own home decorated overalls however they’d like, such as cutting and ironing letters and outlining in puff paint. It really shows all the girls’ individuality. Not only are senior overalls fun to make but it’s a great way for the senior girls to bond.

Some girls say making the senior overalls can be very stressful. They have to pick out fabrics and designs that go well together, and cut them out to the letters of what they want to spell. After that they have to figure out how they will place the letters and other decoration for the overalls.

Senior overalls are cute and show your school spirit. So join your fellow senior girls and make some of your own!