Is It a Baby or a Fetus?

In September 1, 2021 the Heartbeat Act was passed by Governor Greg Abbott.

Ultrasound taken of a baby to show the development of a 12 week baby.

Wolfgang Moroder

This is the development of a 12 week baby.

By Kaelee Hunter, Co Editor in Chief

Texas created the most restrictive abortion law in the United States, the Heartbeat Act.

The Act states that an abortion cannot be conducted if a heartbeat is detected which typically occurs six weeks after conception. In the creation of this Act, it has caused some to question if this is constitutional or not.

When a woman considers getting an abortion there is a process, they must take in order to get to the final procedure of terminating the baby.

Coming to the actual abortion there are two options. First is a pill they take only when they are early in the pregnancy. The second option is surgical where they remove the baby piece by piece.

As for Oregon and a few other states they do not have a term limit on abortions like Texas does.

The second option is surgical where they remove the baby piece by piece.

When talking to adults and students on the subject their opinions vary. Some key points are consideration of whether the mother is at a high risk of death, finding out that they are pregnant in less than six weeks, and the concept of my body my choice.

“I hate the thought of abortion, unless it’s under certain circumstances. But I don’t feel as if it’s right to tell someone what to do with their body, as long as it’s not affecting anyone, but it is: the baby,” Orleane Alima said.

Now addressing these key points in the law – if an abortion can be proved that the abortion is medically necessary for the health of the woman then it can proceed as normal. From a poll taken most women find out they are pregnant at 5.5 weeks and that wouldn’t be enough time to consider that option.

While it is “my body my choice” then shouldn’t that then protect the developing baby as they cannot consent to this action. At what time will the baby be protected? Not until after they are born? If that is how you feel, then why is it when a person murders a pregnant lady it’s considered a double homicide?

I feel this law is to protect those babies that would then be aborted. In addition, this could help make women more responsible when it comes to safe sex. Pregnancies are 100 percent preventable; from using protection to having different types of surgeries.