It’s All About the Music

It’s more than just notes on a treble clef. It’s more than just a song or a chord. To sophomore Trevor Martin, it’s an expression; it’s all about the music. Last year, Martin teamed up with junior Hunter Leach and two fellow musicians from Clements High School to form an indie, hardcore, and progressive rock band called Painted Skies.

“Our band name represents how every day is new and different, almost like asking yourself, ‘How is your sky painted today?’” said Martin.

With four years of musical experience under his belt, Martin can find inspiration for songs from anything and everything, including relationships, religious beliefs, or even “a really cool history subject.”

“Our songs become inspired by whatever is on our mind at the time,” said Martin. “We feel our songs [all] have something special about them.”

Martin has big plans for his musical career, including an EP on iTunes and one day attending Berkley College of Music and majoring in contemporary jazz and performance. Until then, he plans on taking Music Theory as a junior and continuing to jam with his band.

“[Jamming] feels intense,” he said. “It’s like . . . your adrenaline’s going and you know, it feels good to know you’re making music and once you add . . . every other instrument to it . . . you get a good feeling and it feels really good, like, ‘Oh, I’m making music, this is really cool!’”

As a band, the Painted Skies crew likes to cover hardcore, alternative Indie, progressive rock and rock music while writing variants of the same genres.

“Our goal as a band is to make music and let everyone else enjoy what we write. Our goal is to bring our music into the world for people to know,” said Martin. “For us, it’s all about the music.”

Update: Trevor Martin is also a guitarist for the band Torn Tuxedos, and has released their debut single, “Song About Love,” on iTunes. You can purchase it at the link below for $0.99.