Howdie, Luis Michel

DW:When did you first start playing soccer?

LM: Um, I was like five years old when I first started playing. It’s always been a passion of mine, ever since I was little.

DW: DHow does it feel to be part of the first team to go through all four years at GR and on the soccer team?

LM: At first, it was hard but as we got better it feels good to be on the team. You just feel good.

DW: What are your responsibilities as captain?

LM: I’m supposed to be the role model out there. I always make sure I give 100% and make sure my team is working hard out there as well.

DW: What are you looking to take from the experience of being captain?

LM: I mean, it showed me leadership, it showed me how to take care of myself and all that.

DW: Any advice you’d like to give to your teammates?

LM: Just always fight til the end.

DW: How did you get involved with the football program? Kicker?

LM: They came up to me and asked me, and they asked if I wanted to do it. That’s how I became kicker.

DW: Do you prefer soccer to football?

LM: I mean, because I’ve been playing soccer all my life, it’s always been my passion.

DW: What are your other extracurriculars here at GR?

LM: I’m in NHS and band. [I play] clarinet; I’ve been in it since 6th grade.

DW: Do you have any extra hobbies?

LM: Outside of school, usually I’ll hang out with my friends, or my brothers. I play football, soccer, or basketball with my brothers.

DW: Do you know where you’re going to college?

LM: I don’t know yet, but I’m planning on going to Texas Tech.